Horse riding in the Bohemian Paradise

We offer all year courses and one-off  rides for all age categories. Both for beginners and experienced riders. We have horses bred for this - suitable for non-riders and beginners, but also for more skilled riders.

During the rides, you will enjoy the wonderful environment of sandy roads and deep forests of the Bohemian Paradise. The most frequent and popular destination is Kost Castle, but we also go to Branžež, Valečov Rock Castle, Valdštejn, Hruba Skála, Trosky and beyond.

We can also prepare a several-day trek on horseback with an overnight stay under the open air or in local accommodation facilities.

Horse riding lessons

Training takes place seasonally, individually or in groups. We have a large classic and circular riding hall available.

Vouchers for rides

We offer gift vouchers valid for six months.

Horse life on the ranch

At our ranch, you will meet the western style. The horses live on pastures 24/7, they are used to going outside from a young age, so they have no problem walking in difficult terrain (rocks, streams, narrow paths, etc.). We do not shoe our horses or use bits. Working from the ground is a matter of course here.

Stables for horses

Horse stable conditions:

western riding

outdoor 24/7

unforged horse

we don't give blankets

price negotiable

For clients with their own horses, we offer luxurious ranch facilities: a ring and riding stable with winter lighting, a saddle room, a dressing room, a kitchen, showers and a club room.


Josef Dajč - KOVBOJ

tel. 603 474 039


Ranč U Kovboje

Přepeře 81

29404 Dolní Bousov

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